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Krissy VanderWoude
Krissy VanderWoude thumbnail
Krissy VanderWoude When music can say everything without actually saying anything at all.

Truly blown away by the beauty of what you create and how you manage to pull at every one of my heartstrings with it. 🖤💯. Just gorgeous.
doyal thumbnail
doyal I'll be honest. when I heard the singles and realized this album was going to be wordless and beatless I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping for hammock to return to their shoegaze/post-rock mode. but now that I've heard the whole album I'm absolutely blown away. Afraid To Go Home, in it's washes of delay, is beauty beyond words. the masters of guitar centric "ambient" have returned and it's something to behold. Favorite track: Afraid to Go Home.
Inquire  thumbnail
Inquire Hammock's sound continues to evolve.

Glimmering memories of their most recent tryptich (but mostly the ebbing ruminations and closure of Silencia) sparkle past like shooting stars in a familiar sky. Yet this is a new landscape, a new environment from which to study the heavens.

Hammock's Elsewhere is a brilliant continuation of their art, expressing in sound the deep sorrows and triumphs of humanity in the face of God.
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Before 03:23
Heavy Laden 05:43
Dying Alone 03:54
Someday 02:53
Elsewhere 03:54
Ineffable 03:01
Future Past 03:41


Seeking overlooked beauty and prizing reflection in a distracted world, Hammock creates cinematic music for the road less traveled. In stirring works of shimmering post-rock ambience that swell with hope and melancholic nostalgia, the Nashville-based duo of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson immerse listeners in living visions of moments long past, animating life’s fond remembrances and scarring losses with gentle lens-flare harmonics, heart-surging neoclassical drama, and pensive silence. A direct challenge to the passive existence of modern life, where everything can be experienced but precious little is felt, Hammock demands, and richly rewards, patience and contemplation.

One of Hammock’s career defining works, the Mysterium, Universalis, and Silencia trilogy came to a close in 2019. The first chapter, Mysterium, was written following the death of Byrd’s 20-year-old nephew and dealt with incomprehensible, shattering loss. Difficult understanding came on Universalis, and an altered reality understood through quiet reflection took hold on Silencia. Emerging from the silence, a period that brought with it the global pandemic of Covid-19 that has kept loved ones apart, conscripted months upon months of isolation, and roused directionless longing for escape, Hammock presents Elsewhere. Recorded by Byrd and Thompson at their homes, apart and with minimal equipment, Elsewhere serves as a gateway to another place, materializes feelings of separation and loss without closure, and calls listeners back to live their lives – not spend them longing to be something or somewhere else. - Wyatt Marshall


released November 5, 2021

Produced by Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson
Additional cello: Matt Slocum
Additional piano: Matt Kidd
Mixed and Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k
Album cover photograph by Taylor Deupree


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Hammock Nashville, Tennessee

Exclusive items and lossless audio available. 17 years since their formation in Nashville, Hammock has emerged as a leading light in instrumental music, with a unique sound that melds elements of ambient, electronic, and neoclassical.

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